Laundary Soap - Everyday Essential Oil

Laundary Soap

  • $7.00

I love this laundry soap, it takes awhile to make, but works great in all types of washing machines.  Laundry soap is concentrated and you only need one tablespoon per load.  Perfect if you have to wash you clothes in another location because its small and travels well.  I sell this in two sizes - the small does approximately 28 loads and the large does approximately 43 loads of laundry.  Product is sold in a glass jar.  Ingredients: fels naptha bar soap, borax, washing soda, lavender and lemon therapeutic grade essential oil.  Produce has little fragrance, the essential oils help remove stains from clothes.  Finish laundry with dryer balls. (sold separate)  When shipping is calculating if it goes above a flat rate box, please contact me and I will adjust the shipping cost for you or give you a promo code - since this product is heavy to ship.